District Scout Camp

Fifty Scouts from Troops across Kentdale spent the weekend at Scout Adventures Great Tower for the 2017 Kentdale Scout camp.

The Friday evening commenced with the Scouts pitching their camps which was followed by a wide game and supper.

Having that rare occurrence - a warm sunny Scout camp - the Scouts were grateful of the shade of the trees as they set about the Saturday activity of building  a shelter out of natural materials which they would sleep in that night.

A competitive element was introduced for the Saturday evening meal where each Troop was challenged to produce a three course meal cooked entirely over an open fire. Highlights included 'spit-roasted, oak-smoked, honey-glazed, rosemary and garlic lamb', pasta bologn-ish, and monkey bread.

After the meals had been cleared away it was time for a few songs, sketches (and a dance) around the campfire. Finally before bedtime a very competitive game of capture the flag was held across the site.

Sunday morning continued hot and sunny and it was time for team challenges, and just to make it interesting the Troops were mixed up.The challenges included climbing through a spiders web, transporting water across an obstacle course, and a fascinating game where the Scouts supported a bucket of water by their feet then took their shoes and socks off.